• Strategic Outsourcing
      Strategic Outsourcing

      A well-rounded Dedicated Team will provide skills, functions and processes to serve as your remote IT department.

    • Custom Development
      Custom Development

      Skilled personnel will deliver software project saving your costs to acquire programming expertise in-house.

    • Access to Expertise
      Access to Expertise

      Our best offering is an easy access to talented engineers experienced to build elegant software and scale it up.

    • Collaboration

      Teamwork with our customers motivates us to produce results of higher value and to build a great product.

    • Talent and Dedication
      Talent & Dedication

      Our talents are live contributors to open-source projects, and we always have something new for the community.

    • Publications

      We put a lot of thought into our daily coding jobs, and discuss our findings in industry appraised publications.

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Axmor introduces TypeScript IDE for Eclipse.

We use TypeScript in our Java large-scale projects, and needed more tooling in Eclipse. So, we came up with an idea and developed a TypEcs plugin.

Join us for Eclipse development! Whether you need developer tools, plugins, DSL, rich desktop – consider Axmor for your next project.

Join us for Eclipse development!