Developer's Tips and Tricks By Axmor's Java Authors

Asynchronous Logging Using Spring

Create applications that require high-volume logging without impacting an application’s performance using Spring asynchronous support.

January 2012

OSGi Application Testing with Tycho

Read a detailed guide to two different testing frameworks for OSGi-based applications: Tycho Project and Pax Exam.

May 2011

The Arrival of HTML 5

Learn about the current state of HTML and the most significant HTML 5 innovations.

August 2010

A Simple Approach to Complex Event Processing

Follow a discussion on the essence of Complex Event Processing and the extension of this concept to a more general idea of using Data Processing as a part of decision-making systems.

June 2010

Tapestry and Wicket Compared

Develop Web applications using alternative component-oriented Web frameworks such as Tapestry and Wicket.

April 2008

Develop and Execute WS-BPEL V2.0 Business Processes Using the Eclipse BPEL Plug-in

Create your own BPEL process and integrate it into your application using WS-BPEL 2.0, the Orchestration Director Engine (ODE) 1.1.

March 2008

Java EE Meets Web 2.0

Take a look at the disparity between the Java EE and Web 2.0 approaches, discover the benefits of asynchronous designs, and learn some solutions for developing asynchronous Web applications with the Java platform.

November 2007

7 Questions to Ask an Application Integration Service Provider

Learn seven questions you need to ask your prospective outsourcing partner in an application integration project to ensure a good match.

August 2007

Use Apache Derby to Develop Eclipse Plug-ins

Get step-by-step instructions on how to start using the Derby database inside Eclipse and how to create a resource indexing plug-in.

January 2007

Reducing Maintenance Costs through Systems Decoupling

Find out why you should avoid system coupling on business and technological levels if you want to be prepared for inevitable changes in the corporate software infrastructure.

December 2006

Build Fail-safe Transactional Applications with Apache Geronimo

Use transactional support by the Geronimo application server to ensure data integrity in a modern enterprise.

February 2006

Implement and Deploy Web Services in an Apache Geronimo Application

Utilize the Apache Geronimo application server's Web services features to create Web services-enabled enterprise applications.

January 2006

Build a Secure Enterprise Infrastructure with Geronimo

Learn how to use Apache Geronimo application server's security features to build security into enterprise applications.

July 2005